Nutrition + Coaching 


Amber has studied extensively throughout her career and is passionate about providing her clients with nutritional information. Amber studied through the renowned company Precision Nutrition so that she can further assist her clients and expand her scope of practice.
At Fitness4Me, we are big believer in eating food! We don’t push magic potions or promise quick fixes, we coach you through your journey. Food is fuel.


Many women don’t know where to start when it comes to changing their lifestyle habits and they may need additional support throughout their journey. This is where Fitness4Me Coaching comes in!

We work with you individually and at a pace that is not daunting. Transforming yourself is more than just changing your diet. The true transformation begins when you start to learn about your why! We help you break it all down and rebuild yourself both mentally and physically.


If you're ready to make life-long changes and are interested in our nutrition coaching, please complete the form below:

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