Fitness4Me could easily run Get Fit and lose X amount of weight

Fitness4Me could easily run Get Fit and lose X amount of weight in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12-week challenges/campaigns and have lots of people sign up that are wanting a quick fix.
The problem is that it does not sit right in our bellies. We don’t believe in quick fixes or setting unachievable goals.

Fitness4Me endorses body positivity, self-love and empowerment. You do not have to be shredded to be happy with yourself and at Fitness4Me you are encouraged to love and nurture yourself whatever your body shape.
We want more ladies to be comfortable within themselves and yes, by all means if you have a specific goal we will help you attain that goal but not give you a rigid timeframe or training/nutrition schedule to stick to.

You quite possibly have not loved the body that you are in for a long time. You may speak negatively to yourself and about yourself - these things don’t change in a short amount of time. 
Or, you may be happy within yourself and are looking for a safe, inviting, friendly place to exercise in and meet more amazing like-minded women.

Change is not just physical; our focus is on you as an entire being. A physical transformation is not complete without the emotional shift.

You won’t see Fitness4Me flogging lose winter kgs or lose weight for summer, as it’s simply not what we are about.

If you want to find a safe, encouraging, friendly, knowledgeable women’s only training facility send us a message.

Amber, Lauren, Brodie & Steph